Since 2005, the Ballet Conservatory of South Texas has been a thriving center for ballet training, inspiring students to fulfill their highest potential within a caring and nurturing environment.


The comprehensive Ballet Conservatory syllabus is based on the teaching of Marcia Dale Weary, founding Artistic Director of the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet. The syllabus is designed to develop technically strong, expressive ballet dancers, who ultimately can adapt to any style. Our distinguished faculty is comprised of instructors with years of teaching experience, most having danced with professional companies and/or holding college degrees in dance education.

Class placement for the Beginner division (ages 3-7 1/2 years) and Open Ballet is based on age while class placement for Intermediate and Advanced divisions is determined through an audition and evaluation process.

There is no audition or evaluation required for the Teen/Adult Beginner and Intermediate classes, which are part of the Recreational division. Students interested in enrolling in these classes may take a free trial class to determine which class best suits their skill level.

For any questions about class placement, please call our office at 210-820-3400 or send an email to

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The Beginner Division progresses from Creative Movement I through Primary Ballet. Our syllabus is carefully designed to promote the physical and artistic development of young children, as well as instill a love of dance.

  • Creative Movement I (ages 3 – 4 1/2)
  • Creative Movement II (ages 4 1/2 – 5 1/2)
  • Pre-Ballet (ages 5 1/2 -6 1/2)
  • Primary Ballet (ages 6 1/2 – 8)

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The Intermediate Division is comprised of Ballet I & IB, Ballet II, Ballet III, and Boys Strength & Conditioning. Instructors focus on strengthening the fundamental principles of classical ballet technique, which is the foundation for the more complex movements that will be executed in the advanced division.

  • Ballet I & IB
  • Ballet II
  • Ballet III
  • Boys Strength & Conditioning

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Through the Ballet Conservatory’s structured and comprehensive syllabus, students develop the technical strength, artistic expression, and self-confidence required for a career in the world of ballet. The curriculum includes technique class, pointe, variations, partnering, stretch, modern, and character.

  • Ballet IV
  • Ballet V
  • Ballet VI

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Students have access to add to their training with other dance genres such as modern. This provides a well-rounded dance education and a progressive knowledge of additional dance styles.

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Youth & Adult

The teen and adult classes offer the art of dance for beginners through intermediate and advanced levels. Whether the student is a teen, an adult beginner or is looking to return to dance, they will enjoy the many benefits of ballet which include improving posture and poise, sculpting and toning long, lean muscle, and helping to relieve stress. Attending ballet classes regularly will also enhance overall physical fitness, increase flexibility, strength, and balance.

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