Discover Dance

Help us provide inspiration & education in the arts: Discover Dance, an outreach program of the Ballet Conservatory, furthers our mission to educate and inspire underserved children in San Antonio by providing the opportunity to see, experience and train as a dancer.


The Ballet Conservatory is a nonprofit ballet academy and performance company. A significant component of our mission is to ensure that dance education opportunities are accessible to as many interested children as possible regardless of economic background. Thanks to the generous support of individuals, corporations and foundations, the Ballet Conservatory educates thousands of youth each year.

Discover Dance, an outreach program of the Ballet Conservatory, furthers our mission to educate and inspire underserved children in San Antonio. The program’s three-tier structure provides children of various economic backgrounds the opportunity to see, experience and train as a dancer.

School Day Performances

Makes classical ballet accessible to disadvantaged children through multiple opportunities to see a live ballet performance at no cost. Over 3,500 children with limited access to the performing arts attend a Ballet Conservatory production annually.

Ballet Classes in Public School Settings

Children in grades 1-8 are given the opportunity to attend ballet classes at their school once or twice a week at no charge. Since 2010, we have collaborated with KIPP Academy to provide ballet education to students from underserved communities. This school year program culminates with an end-of-year theatre performance in front of a large audience.


The Ballet Conservatory offers two scholarship programs to help children make their dreams come true. This program provides full or partial tuition assistance to children who take class at the Ballet Conservatory studios.

School Day Performances

Ignite your students’ imagination and enhance their learning through live dance performances. The Ballet Conservatory of South Texas invites students and educators to free performances introducing school aged children to the art of classical ballet.

These shows are tailored for young people and allow them to experience the beauty, power and uplifting impact of a high quality ballet performance complete with costuming, props and scenery in a theater setting.

Leading up to these complimentary performances, Ballet Conservatory dancers and their docents travel to several schools and give pre-performance lecture demonstrations. These demonstrations not only prepare the students for what they will experience during the performance, but also creates a sense of excitement and familiarity.

  • Coppélia
    Friday, November 2, 2018 at 10 a.m.
    Lila Cockrell Theatre, San Antonio
    Recommended age: 8-18

To schedule your school field trip, contact or 210-820-3400.

Ballet Classes in Public School Setting

The Ballet Conservatory of South Texas has partnered with KIPP Academy (Knowledge is Power Program) to offer ballet training in underserved communities. KIPP Academy is a tuition-free college preparatory school dedicated to preparing students in underserved communities for success in college and life. Classes are currently offered during the school day at the KIPP Camino Campus located at 4343 W. Commerce.

The Ballet Conservatory provides complimentary ballet instruction to interested students to enhance their arts education and to directly experience the uplifting benefits of ballet. Students receive ballet class twice a week, ballet attire (leotard, tights, ballet shoes), and an opportunity to perform in a theatre in front of a large audience wearing a beautiful costume.

Excerpt from letter of support from KIPP Camino Academy

“Many young girls dream about being a ballerina as they grow up, and at KIPP Camino Academy that dream has become a reality for a number of our students because of the generous contributions by the Ballet Conservatory of South Texas. Beginning in 2011, the Ballet Conservatory began working with the students of KIPP Camino Academy, and what has resulted has been far more than a transformation into young ballerinas, our students have grown as confident, strong young individuals.

Students are learning more than just how to plie through their weekly practices, they are learning confidence, persistence, and self control. Character development is a key component to the work we do at KIPP, and the work that the Ballet Conservatory of South Texas has done with our kids has provided the perfect opportunity for our students to put these character strengths to practice.

Our ballet students walk through the hallways with their heads high, confident not only in who they are as individuals, but proud of what they have been able to accomplish through their work with ballet. The Ballet Conservatory of South Texas has been an integral part of teaching our students about art, self confidence and life.”

Brennecke Hinojosa
Former School Principal
KIPP Camino Academy


The Ballet Conservatory of South Texas offers two scholarship programs to help students make their dreams come true. These programs are funded through annual donor support and Ballet Conservatory fundraising events.

Young Artists Scholarship

The Young Artists Scholarship is a need based scholarship program for students enrolled at the Ballet Conservatory during the school year. The Ballet Conservatory is committed to ensuring all interested dancers can get the best training and economic circumstances should not undermine a serious young dancer’s dreams.

The Ballet Conservatory generally awards over $30,000 annually in tuition assistance. These scholarships typically cover 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of the cost of tuition for the entire year. Assistance may also be provided to cover the fee for attending our summer intensive or other costs associated with ballet training.

Boys Scholarship

In 2013, the Ballet Conservatory launched the Boy’s Scholarship Program to encourage male participation in the art of ballet and increase accessibility in the greater San Antonio area. All boys ages 3-18 can participate in this  scholarship program and take class at the Ballet Conservatory studios. This program is designed to enhance athletic skills, flexibility and strength while instilling a love of dance.

Young male dancers will have the advantage of

  • Regular ballet classes and modern
  • Opportunities to perform on a regular basis
  • Partnering training and coaching (as appropriate)
  • Boys only classes for ballet students

Application Process

The Ballet Conservatory’s Board has appointed a Scholarship Committee that oversees our competitive scholarship process to ensure that decisions are made in the most fair, ethical and expedient manner. A complete application including tax returns and other documents must be submitted at the start of the school year (July 20, 2018). Applications submitted after this date may be considered, if funds are available.

Applications and financial information remain confidential. For more information about either scholarship program, please contact the Ballet Conservatory office at 210.820.3400 or email Marie Sanchez at